Hello Out There! A Currently Catch-up Post

Wow. It has been three-ish months since I made a post. I really did intend on doing the damn thing, but well I didn't. So let's just go right back into it and do a little Currently post.

Doing | Recovering from all the finger foods and cake/sweets that I ate yesterday. My youngest daughter turned FIVE YEARS OLD last week. She is loving Minecraft right now so she asked for a Minecraft themed party. Which was more easy that I could have ever hoped for it to be.

Thinking | My oldest just got his intermediate license. I already have anxiety attacks so this new development is going to cause me to have many meltdowns. Currently (like right at this very moment while I am typing), he has left the house for the very first time alone. I told him to call or text me when he arrives at his destinations and like a good parent... I'm tracking him with the Find my iPhone app.

Reading | A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1. Better known as A Game of Thrones. Like many others, I love the show, but I know that the books are different. I want to read what the author originally intended for the storyline to be.

Watching | Honestly, I'm kind of in a funk with shows right now. I have been watching Kingdom and Animal Kindom, but I'd be ok if I missed an episode.

Eating | I made fondant. For that birthday I mentioned earlier. I also made hard candy. I have never attempted either of these before. I was pretty intimidated by both of them. By some miracle, it all turned out! I didn't burn the candy and the fondant was perfect. I'm ridiculously proud of the Minecraft cake I used the fondant for.

Fondant recipe: Marshmallow Fondant
Hard candy recipe: Aunt Marcey's Old Fashioned Hard Tack Candy (when recipe says add flavoring, I used Kool-aid)

Weather: Hot, humid, and lots of rain. Daily. Flooding everywhere.

Work in Progress: My Flax sweater. Le sigh. I've been "working" on this since January. Maybe by the time it's cool enough for me to wear it, I'll have it done.

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