Currently {january 9th}

This weeks themes:
resolving, planning, cleaning, leaving, thinking

Resolving-  To be more crafty this year.  It's not an official resolution, just something I'd like to do for myself.  I don't feel like I completed enough projects as I could have.

Planning-  I'm not really planning too much right now.  The hubs just found out that he has a hiatal hernia so he's had to take a few vacation days.  How long he has to take off will determine if we'll be able to take a vacation this year.  Hopefully surgery won't be required.

Cleaning-  I did a big scrub on our funk-tastic bathroom.  It has wood paneling, no vent so the paint (that the previous occupant used) is peeling from the ceiling because... moisture.  It's not the worst thing up in dis ol' hizzouse, but it's definitely the most embarrassing.

Leaving-  The car payments behind!  Just as soon we file our income taxes in February....

Thinking-  I would really like to find a location that has weather that alternates between Fall and Summer.  This cold is no bueno.  I don't care for Spring either so yeah....  I'm over Winter.

Reading-  Knit patterns. I still have my book sitting on my bedside table, but I'd like to start and finish a project once a month so I don't know when I'll read.  I just finished these super cute little bell bottom pants for my friend's daughter.  She turns 1 on the 14th!

Watching-  I love Josh Gates.  I loved watching Destination Truth on SyFy, but it got cancelled.  Boo!!  Hiss!!  Now he has new show on the Travel Channel called Expedition Unknown.  First episode aired this week and he was searching for Amelia Earhart.  SPOILER: He doesn't find her, but I'm still excited about this show!

Next weeks themes:
showing, working, testing, cooking, dreaming

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  1. Wanting a different climate, eh? California will welcome you gladly!!