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Trying to change up my diet.  I haven't had an annual check-up in a few years.  I always forgot and then forgot again.  I've had high cholesterol in the past and I should have been more vigilant in keeping up with my check-ups.  When my husband lost his job in April, we lost our health insurance as well.  We just couldn't afford the $1200 a month that COBRA coverage required.  He began working at a new job just two weeks later, however, there was a 90 day waiting period before insurance eligibility.  So I'm patiently waiting for that 90 day mark.

Wearing my pajamas.  I wear them or just comfy sweatpants and tshirts WAY more than I should, but if I'm not leaving the house or expecting company, I'm going to be comfortable.

Choosing a different phone service package.  We have to use a local phone co-op for service.  We rarely use our home phone, but can't cancel that service without cancelling our internet as well so we had a nice little bundle package that included local phone service, several calling features, 150 long distance minutes and the middle of the road speed internet.  We were paying (with taxes) $95 a month.  Ridonkulous.  We used a whopping 16 minutes of long distance last month.  I called up the phone company and it looks like I can save about $20 a month by unbundling from that package.  Yay!

Laughing at all the funny things Rowan does.  She really is a little ham.

Tasting meatless vegetarian food.  Recently Kaia, my oldest daughter, has decided to become a vegetarian.  She's been at it for only a couple of weeks.  I expected her to have a few slip ups.  She's only had three.  Once she forgot about her decision and ate a chicken wing, then it was a piece of bacon (who can resist right?), and then when she went to a 4th of July shindig with her grandparents she ate, I believe, a hot dog.  I'm proud of her decision and wanted to encourage her better eating habits so I bought several Boca and Morning Star brand foods.  Buffalo wings, grilled chicken for salads, burgers, and chicken patties.  Every time I fix her some, I take a little taste test.  So far, I've been impressed.  Especially with the Boca burgers.  If you didn't know they were veggie burgers, well... you wouldn't know!


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