Shades of Autumn {Red}

Alrighty!  This week we're lookin' at RED!  Not much red going on around here.  Our Dogwood tree has these cute little red berries, but as far as Fall foliage goes, that's about all I had to work with at home.  Where was I going to find red??  Hobby Lobby of course!!  I did get several people looking at me oddly while I was wandering around the store, camera at the ready.  I just pretended like I was getting ideas for decorating a room in my house.  I said ridiculous things like, "Ooo... this will look great here or here."

With all these colors every week I kind of feel like Picasso going through his blue period.  This week I'm going through a square/red period.  I like cropping photos to a square.  I have no idea why, but I think it's just aesthetically pleasing.

Shades of Autumn - Red
Our Dogwood tree a few weeks ago.  It's lost most of it's leaves now.

Shades of Autumn - Red
Jewelry beads

Shades of Autumn - Red
Glass jar stopper

Shades of Autumn - Red
Christmas garland!!

Shades of Autumn - Red
Well hello there cute little Christmas ornament... hanging on a pegboard BEFORE HALLOWEEN!

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