Crazy Days of Summer Week 7: Critters

Ok, here's the deal.  I'm not a fan of my photos this week.  I did them hurriedly and honestly without much thought.  I'm adding them to the pile just because I don't want to miss a week!

This poor little guy or gal was stuck to the grill on the front of my car!  I felt so bad seeing it flopping around that I gently removed him from the car and placed him on a nearby tree.  I'm not sure what happened after I snapped a few photos.  I'd like to believe that he recovered and flew away, but the ants that were hovering near him probably had other ideas.

I hate MOSS-KWEE-TOES (mosquitoes)!  Stupid, itchy, little buggers.  They serve no purpose on this Earth other than to annoy me.  My husband NEVER gets bitten by them... ever.  I hate him for that.  The mosquitoes this year have become super stealthy.  I never feel them bite me I just have huge welts that itch like crazy.  Did I mention how much I hate a mosquito?

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In other news, it's a million and five degrees here this week.  Pretty much the entire nation is feeling the same heat wave.  First thing this morning... the fan on our A/C unit went out.  Oh joy of joys.  I called the A/C repair company and they "put me on the work order list", but couldn't give me a set time of arrival.  Why is it when it rains, it pours around here?

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